***** is the secret of my energy

I grew up eating that brownish gooey mass. My mom used to scoop it in a spoon and had a condition that I better swallow it if I had to continue playing. It had a stark tangy taste and I yapped the moment it hit my taste buds. Realizing the contortions in my face, I would change it back to a sheepish smile denoting I am indeed relishing it. I would not let her have this as her Pet Peeve. No one could stop me from playing and frolicking. It used to come in a White plastic bottle with red lid with a portrayal of a sage meditating his way to glory.

My objective was to finish that bottle as soon as possible. Once over, mom used to give it to me so that I could store marbles or colourful pawns. It used to make me so happy. That was my treasure. Who cares about immunity or being hale and healthy to even be able to play!

Today, I sit here preening about the aftermaths of childhood. It was as if the whole goodness of health delivered to you in a small spoon. The sage descended to give a potion, which transformed the kids into super healthy beings.

I have had the benefit to consume it. What about today's generation? Can you lure them to have it just so they can play? Would they savour the bottle as collectibles?

Am no expert to talk about today's kids or the best way of growing up. But am sure they prefer no disturbance while playing video games, they prefer the bar of yummy chocolate over looking into the picture of all-knowing sage. And why not? They do what is appealing and what is delivered to them by others and the media.

It would be a losing battle to tell them to munch on green leafy vegetables.

'I', the so called informed, look for an excuse if I have to do it before the table of calories and nutrients invisibly appear before me. Coaxing kids to nibble on 'extremely healthy' nuts and fruits is not going to be an easy task. 'Hell', they dont care about Iron or calcium or the amount of calories per servings.

Maybe they do care about who is on television and telling what!

If immunization is a vital part of staying healthy, diet is important too. In this fast paced world filled with pretentious things, its a challenge to emphasize on good and simple things of life. Its a no-brainer to see why kids would love Complan or Boost over the plain whole milk. Deliver it to them the way they like.

I would not know of Spinach and its niceties but for Popeye.

A nutri-bar with all the nuts and berries combined will be an instant hit compared to asking kids to pop some nuts or squeeze some citrus berries. Its all about innovative ways of finding a product which will attract the masses and is healthy too. Its in the packaging, manufacturing and in the core values.

Sluurrrpppp ..! Mmmmm..thats the sound of sipping a cool melon juice with the benevolence of Mint and herbs and ofcourse the little tiny umbrella! Healthy? You name it!

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Short yet resourceful post. All the best!

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