I am a new wave, but am old school!

I am no expert, nor qualified to speak about the benefits. But what I do know is its pretty straightforward that 'Natural' is the way to go. We have been there. We tried everything available in the market, consumed all the colourful things, applied all the fairness creams in the wake of turning into a white reflective body! In plain, we were stupid enough to fall for the propaganda.

We pay, pay more and hope that we will be transformed into everything beautiful and healthy. We trust in the people wearing white lab coats researching with the test tubes with whirring fumes coming out. Infact, if we pay for it, it should be good. If we paid more, it 'ought' to be better!

Go to any grocery store and you see a sudden onslaught of everything 'organic'. They are trying to push in less chemicals into the body. Where is this circle ending at? We started with everything natural, then realized that its easily perishable. Half the vegetables are reaped even before they grow full size which in turn reduces the activity inside them which makes them to last longer. In this process, half the nutrients will not be present in the food we eat. To offset this, we started consuming synthetic products loaded with preservatives. Deficiencies? swallow that multivitamin tablet. Fatigue? Drink that energy drink.
They almost taste good, easy to buy. No hassles to store. More like adopting allopathy over good old traditional Ayurveda. No one has the patience to wait and think it over. We wanted fast relief. Again, we went ahead and realized that these chemicals are doing more harm than good. We are slowly shifting to 'organic' stuff now. 'Vegan', 'Decaf', 'Low-fat' are the words of the day. Intense workouts, green smoothies, low carb diets are the new fads.

This battle of methodologies never ensue an answer. Probably because one is not better than the other. What you follow is your creed. It affects you directly and you are solely responsible. After trying all products, all means and after hundred different hapless pitiful trials, we realize that what our mom and grannies told are the best. Go back to roots. Home remedies work most of the time. Even though we dont have such cleaner, unpolluted produce now, we atleast are controlling the intake of known chemicals.

Its so easy to pop a pill of Aspirin but tougher to just endure it for a little longer to cure that headache. Stress is causing all the pain but in the process we forgot to stress on basic important points. Its more for a holistic development of the entire body and soul.

P.S: The title is from the most legendary standup comedian George Carlin

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