The very word takes me to a world of surrealism. Thoughts kept pouring in.. and I began to channelise them. My first write-up, and why not begin with my first love ?
I started loving everything and anything about the sky. Just when I was watching this documentary , which went on to explain about the stars, universe and the hidden secrets.. someone asked me what you want to be? Pat came the Astronaut !! ( Later got modified to Aerospace engineer which sounds more complex and technical for that matter!). whats this about the countless stars that fascinate me? And why am I so obsessed with the dark night sky ? Is there some dark energy guiding me? how I wish it was true.. !!
I gazed at the stars, the more I did, the farther they appeared. They all seemed to be going backward, backward into the deeper realms of space with their livid lights. As a child I wondered if I could go on joining up ladders and how many I would need ! (now this does not seem to be just a frenzied thought with the concept of space elevator popping up !!). Fact or fiction, the stars just attract you.
As calm they appear to be, I wonder what chaos may be happening inside them. The celerity with which they move, yet seeming to be super stationary. An abyss of paradoxes, contradicting their appearances.
Still when I look at them, there is a feeling strongly untold. The dark and the deeper space they extend to be or the final Blackhole they all seem to end in, they say reach up to me, aim high.
And the next time I look at them, I know I dont need ladders, but just the dreams and the imagination to touch them !!