A journey, undefined !

Alrighty..! Hiatus. .. A big one at that. A phase where we are caught up in a spiral where we cant do the very thing we used to love the most. You stop writing and it feels like you can never write again. You stop reading, the mammoth sized book seems scary. Things change, and it comes as a grievous surprise.

Taking the huge leap from one coast to another sure teaches a lesson or two. Good and bad, beautiful and ugly, dreams and realities. I would not have discovered so much about me or the world if not for this change. If its an awakening to realize about yourself, I think that can never happen .You just have no idea how you choose to react to anything that life holds for you.

Be it visiting the holy shrines of academia or doing all the crazy adventures whose names I was unaware of, all the lonely moments with the dawn of a new truth or the triumphant memories, this land has SOMETHING. Did I foresee, NO. Did I learn, Definitely. Black or White? No, its only Grey !!

America-You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains; You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas.....(From Josh Groban)