Why do I see some eyes light up when I say the word “SCIENTIST”??!! It often comes up with a rush of mixed feelings ranging from awe to surprise, nerdiness to intelligence, exciting to boring. Here is an attempt to provide an insight into this peculiar world.
If you were wondering that if science is an inexhaustible stream of wonders, well , thats true. But here is an edited version of the truth. It surely is not a whirlwind dance of excitement. Infact, most of the times it’s a journey through a dim maze of deadends. You stare at the same thing for years together and you are not even sure in the end, if you are looking at the right thing. These mind numbing tasks call in for oodles of patience. There is frustration, bureaucracy and even fear of just ending up with a bad coffee. Its drudgery combined with pain staking efforts of using your grey cells.
Then, what is it, that keeps them going? Maybe they find a stimulus running through their nerves igniting their minds to do these herculean tasks. Or maybe they are just able to find a window at every deadend. Either they find it magical enough to instruct their wands as required or just find themselves elated to a clan of extreme beings. I have no clue, whatsoever.
Maybe, even boredom lies very much in the eyes of the beholder. Facing the facts, that not everyone is chosen for the highest honours or even bare recognition, most of them are infact just carried away into the obscurity. Some of the experiments outlive YOU to be even able to see the results of your thinktank. I wish to pay tribute to the truly heroic figures, who have pushed back the boundaries of boredom and fighting through all odds have broken through to the sunlit uplands of scientific revelation (or even not). For me, in some sense, they are the champions of the most popular discipline of scientific tedium.
P.S: Are you wondering if I belong to one of these? Hell NO, there is always a constant fear of not living upto the very word .