Gravity- sure does attract you !

I was glad that am standing on the surface where I dont have to struggle to walk. Thanks to "g". A movie which lives upto its hype. Seeing it in IMAX 3D makes you actually walk in space. Being a space enthusiast and sharing a dream of being an astronaut someday, am contented for now. Its so gripping and jaw dropping that I dint realize almost till the end, that the cast of the movie was mainly just Sandra. Clearly explaining the plight of the astronauts and the loneliness in space, it strucks you hard when your hear the voices in her head. You hope that her conscience can hear it, leave alone the mission control. I found it scientifically apt till I searched for the inaccuracies out of my curiosity, to be so meagre that one would not realize unless he is an astronaut himself.
Breathtaking view of the earth, the shimmer of sunlight and the lovely soundtracks engulf you with excitement. I shuddered everytime she let the rope loose, I sighed with relief everytime she got a thing working, I lost hope everytime she conveyed the whereabouts to Houston. I lived through the whole experience. Its so humbling that I appreciate immensely the ability to 'walk' the surface of earth, to 'hear' the fears and hopes, to 'breathe' the air here. I know how heartening it is to hear "copy that" from the other side !
Coz, 'In space, no one can hear you scream'. Amen.


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Quite a nice review of the movie which clearly brought out what exactly was passing through your mind when you saw Dr Ryan Stone floating around in space :)

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