Some Serious Fun

I could capture the entire impenetrable fortress..such Ruffian skills.. ! M proud of myself..(And so will be Alexander!! )

Oh Boy, come on!!..I could traverse the gravelly track invincibly and hit the flagpost first whilst my fellow drivers were busy following me (Yeah, pretty clean and sharp)

Well ! I can cultivate the best of crops, sell them, earn an egg , raise my funds..dint know farmers were having so much fun out there (Oops! The rural dwellers, are you listening?)

Aww..I can create the edgy and enchanting apparel for my skinny doll ..(such refined and avant-garde ideas..the fashionistas are staring coyly at your skills!!)

Yes, yes.. you can swim without getting can shoot without holding a can crash without getting can gamble without hitting a casino..the computer games cater to all your needs.

Very few youngsters are left untouched by the fangs of the gaming world. The kids herding together in the cybernets, the million plus glued to their computer screens and the fortunate few operating their uber-cool Nintendo Wii on their couch.. you name it and you have it..what makes us follow the fantasy world and get involved with such undeterred attention to the gaming console? Adventure and thrill is one or maybe for, the contemporary reality sucks. Do we yearn to go to the magical world so often that we feel comfortable in the world of illusion? Do we all crave to be winners somewhere atleast , at the end of the day? Or does accomplishing a task give you the much needed sense of satisfaction?

Whatever may be the case, but do we realize that this act has such enormous potential to change things for good? I quote that your problem solving abilities will improve and so will your decision making. If you go by the statistics , more than 500 million people play games for more than an hour per day. The majority of them being below 25. The young untapped energy is being poured in here. How about gaming for concentration instead of concentrating for gaming? Can we use the skills we use in the artificial arena to the real life problems? Infact after the 26/11 attack, a simulation game was designed to tackle a similar situation. The tricks and the ways to fight back were found to be very profitable. Similarly, the gamers response when confronted with a natural calamity, led to many ideas and measures. But, I would also say, for most of us, when learning comes as a part of an activity, the fun begins to recede. Much like, you would have enjoyed the very book so much , if only it was not made as your text book. Nevertheless, we can always try to bring in few learnings without spoiling much of the fun. The idea doesn’t seem so tough. Especially when you know that your hour long matches on the machine was not a total waste of time after all. A win-win situation. So the next time you beat your foe brutally, spare a moment to fit it in.


Kaazy said...

Your language is definitely improving. I particularly liked the way you introduced your topic.

There actually is real scientific research going on about using games for tackling real life problems. You can find a TED seminar on this.

Btw like the signature too :)

UjSen said...

Pilots have been using simulators to keep their skills up to date, You already have virtual reality technology out there, The US army uses virtual reality to train to save costs on ammunition etc.

And being a somewhat avid gamer myself,I personally think strategy games are a boon.

I like this blog. I think I'll follow. Please check mine out !


aRaS said...

Heyy.. one more cool piece.. priyanka your english standard is reaching so high.. that I started using wordweb atleast once for every alternate line.. :)
I liked your writing, But I feel, playing games in computer to some extent, really enhances our concentration.. Ofcourse if we get addicted to it.. then it is dangerous (In fact if you get addicted to anything in this world it is injurious to health...) Computer games wont provide that physical experience that you get when you play actual games in the field... so I feel for kids, it is better if they play game in field.. and for the lazy pigs like me, who sit infront of office computer and opens up a minesweeper once while and with high level of concentration, completes it without hitting any mines... :)
So kids plz dont play Computer games.. wait for your time, when you become lazy pig like me...

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