Whatever happened to the good old Doordarshan..?

An easy-going Sunday evening, light is the heart sipping hot tea and the fingers proving their nimbleness in switching between the zillion channels. Your mind asks for more, not settling at any frequency, you continue the wasteful task, proving every now and then the fickleness and restlessness of mind and heart. With a stroke of luck, something finally seems appealing. You hang on to it, just to find in a few minutes that you are back to square one. At once, you realize, fewer choice is way better than overabundance. Overcome by nostalgia, I set out to be lost in those days when TV was synonymous with Doordarshan.
The whole family sat together to watch one program in one channel. Your mind is happy with stability. The programs void of their pomposity, was easy to comprehend. No all pervading reality shows, no always painted characters of saas-bahu serials, no 30 min duration Ads. Simple as it was, it used to cater to all strata of society. A beautiful medley of Knowledge, Entertainment, Real news, Sports. It does have the onus of not portraying the flamboyancy of everything . Pristine, simple and unaltered and the Ads upholding the social issues .But it cant rule the roost today. The cons outweigh the pros. Its difficult to stand out amidst the flashy extravagant things.
Today, every channel has a leverage over the traditional channel. Everything, shown in its bits and pieces make it more attractive and over informative. Watching the famous movie on your couch, singing to the tune of the popular song , getting the adrenaline rush of driving the F1 cars , going on a time machine to the alien space and improving your knowledge base seeing the debate and drama and you ask for more. We do know what colour dress a particular actress wore yesterday , we do know who sings well in the talent show, we do know which football star presented what gift to his gal and ofcourse as who is the substitute of the popular character in the daily soap!! Not to mention, that we are well versed as what brand to buy amidst the huge confusing merchandise (or so we believe)!A sign of technological progress and its disasters. Each channel is the epitome of what it stands for. So far, so good. But somewhere deep inside, I know that I still would opt in for the Jungle Book than the best of Cartoon Network shows, I still would go for Tu Tu Mein Mein than the best of comedy shows, I still would like to hum to the beats of Burman songs in Rangoli than the unlimited masala songs in the pink channel.Be it Malgudi Days, Alif Laila or Chandrakanta, most of it were first of its kind.India truly meant a lot more in Surabhi and Science in Turning Point. Sometimes, Old is not just gold, its Diamond and even more !


Lavanya S N said...

Oh! I miss surabhi so much! I wish they would resume that program.. and the mickey mouse cartoon used to be so nice.. I would long for the weekends to watch it! Times have changed a lot!! But, doordarshan was pleasantly wonderful,(and still is, but people's mindset has changed) we are lucky to have been born in the late 80's - got a chance to relish the things u 've mentioned.

JPK said...

Glad to meet another DD fan. I grew up watching it :) Remember Byomkesh Bakshi?


PS: Thanks for voting.

Priyanka said...

Ya very well :)..Its one of the most famous :)

Harish said...

Some months back while I was browsing channels I came to watch a great movie, Satyajit Ray's Shatranj ke Khiladi... and the only channel in which there is a possibility to watch such gems of movies is only DD... In DD they used to show F1 long time back itself, some times even live telecast. Mr Yogi, Byomkesh Bakshi, Fatichar, Rangoli... I love dd

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