What if..??

A Papaya had fallen on Newton other than APPLE? He would have started cursing his fate may be. What about a Watermelon? He would not have been conscious enough to sit there and come up with a law, which covers most part of our text books and courses. The law which most of us have learnt by rote or by heart. Every science student can almost boast of reciting the law without missing a single word. It truly has gravity in it. The idea struck me when I read in the Guardian newspaper that they want to carry the original piece of the famous apple tree into the space and conduct experiments. (Don’t ask me how they found the tree :-) ). Newton would have loved to see it NOT falling on his head this time (He already has the law to his credit). Ofcourse he should not be spacesick n al !! This is part of the Royal Society’s 350th anniversary.
APPLE will be beaming with pride for the new found status. But then, it was not any less before. It forms the name of the most famous company and products. The first image that comes to the mind is the Apple logo with a bite taken off. Alas, Steve Jobs was so biased. May be he used to meet the doctor everyday !! :-). The fruit also has its part in the garden of Eden of Adam and Eve story. Even though there is no clue about the fruit they ate, the surmise is most likely an Apple. Even though I find the fruit insipid, it sure has its class, undisputed! M sure the younger generation will never know the word by its species, genus etc. Oops! A little birdie told me it’s a fruit after searching through the dictionary of the APPLE product.


Kaazy said...

A witty piece. Keep writing!

aRaS said...

Woww.. nice piece, I appreciate your thoughts about the very famous Apple fruit, through which you could able to link the history, right from Adam and eve to Royal Society's 350th Anniversary.. Keep writing, your expressions are very nice. Added to this, I felt one thing was missing.. whenever you mentioned the fruit apple as APPLE (in caps..), the first thing which came into my mind was our own ISRO's first Communication satellite APPLE (Ariane Passenger Payload Experiment), which was launched on 19th june 1981. Its going to be 29th anniversary for it, in the coming june. Anyhow this was just my thought... I do expect lot of writings from you..

Priyanka said...

@Aras- Oh yeah, how could I forget the APPLE satellite!! :).. Thanks for reminding and making it more complete :)

Purba said...

We Indians are spoilt for choice when it comes to fruits. I'd rather have a mango falling on my head, not just one at least half a dozen please.

And I'd rather have an apple as a pie.

Fresh thinking there Priyanka :)

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