When National becomes Notional..

“Her Majesty”!!..is all set to be listed alongside the dinosaurs. The great ‘ROAR’ is going to reverberate in the woods for one last time. 1411- The magic figure they seem to have arrived at while counting the striped animal. An Aircel initiative of ‘save our tigers’ alongwith WWF is trying its best to spread the word. When you see the advertisement on TV, you cant help but be moved. Stripey, the cub waiting for her mother, bemused and scared to death by the gunshots. The sadness and bereavement spreads wide. How can you afford to lose that cute little creature?
I used to wonder as how a campaign like this could actually help apart from making people know about it. By joining a group in Facebook, does not guarantee you anything. Infact, this leaves us with very little that we can do directly about the situation. You can donate money, but you cant gleam with satisfaction even after that. www.saveourtigers.com equips you with certain ideas and bare facts. But even here the progress column looks bleak. Blogs, discussions and becoming a member achieves very less. Even after finishing this piece of words, I cant be sure if any good comes out of it.
Digging out the files, tell us losing of natural habitat is the main cause. But going on these lines, will leave us with many aspects intertwined, forming a complex labyrinth with no start or end. WE, are the main culprits in the end. The outcry of global warming, deforestation and dwindling of resources leaves US with very less hope, leave alone the tigers. Also, our Tiger seems to be less flexible, unlike us to adjust itself outside its habitat.(The pun is intended!).
Amidst the gravity of the situation, China is considering legalizing the Tiger trade! This is a carnage unfathomable!!. Man’s hunger for its skin and bones seem to be as high as ever. And here we are talking about saving tigers. The decimated statistics does not ring any bells. Gloomy, but the grave truth persists. Our nation is not doing any great on this front either. Pilferage thrives at many levels.
Its not easy but something that cant be ignored. The list extends itself to a whole lot of species. Colossal measures need to be taken. Ofcourse, writing blogs and essays will not help. But we can surely do our bit. Recreation of the green is the pivotal task. But this simple task is the most dreaded one because we seem to have forgotten how a tree looks like or to plant one. Stopping the poaching as a decision, should come out of the bureaucratic hands. The situation is tense and the tone is not frivolous. We have to act now. . Every Tiger saved , saves 100 sq km of forest area. Support the campaign .We don’t want to have a world where there are no pugmarks anymore. Lets not become a nation with the extinct species as the national animal. SAVE OUR TIGERS. MAKE THE ROAR LOUD AND CLEAR !!
NOTE: I may seem as a hypocrite here, writing this with overwhelming emotions. But, this is just as serious as it can be.
COURTESY: Down to Earth-Magazine, The Hindu-Daily, www.saveourtigers.com


Lavanya S N said...

Exactly! All we can do is just sit here and offer our condolences for the happenings..at the most join the cause. If only the concerned departments take care..and we are all responsible in one way or the other, be it deforestation or global warming. BTW, if I have kept an apt track, its 1409 (2 of them died a month ago..not sure if new ones have been brought to this world). They are still airing the old number.

Sainath said...

I appreciate ur emotional approach towards the issue..its a shame for our country to allow the deterioration of the national animal for commercial benefits....

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