Evidence of water, An invitation to colonise??..

One small step for man, a Giant leap for the mankind.. I kept pondering over the remarkable statement, realizing that it has indeed come true. 40 yrs, since man stepped into the moon.

The tiny molecules of water open the gates for research. Scientists are feeling ‘over the moon’. Why would nt they? With this comes a plethora of possibilities. Come to think of it, split the molecule , you get hydrogen for rocket fuel and oxygen for sustaining life there. Not to mention it’s a lot more easier there to launch rockets with the escape velocity being so less. Also , comes understanding of the universe. No matter how it is formed, through the comets or chemical reactions, it is creating furore of excitement . State -of-the- art rocket science will get a boost.

It may not be like lakes or oceans. But its Water!! With water comes Man, with Man comes the thousand thoughts and the thoughts are never ending. Be it’ For’ or ‘Against’. Its true that the search for survival options, propels the mankind to build the extreme technology and its kind. But there is more to the discovery than the science of it. The mysteries of the cosmic world are far more profound than to be revealed merely to fulfill human needs. Lets hope we build a space station on moon and not a luxury resort :-)


Anonymous said...

It seems, India is already looking for a piece of land that measures about 15 sq km, has flat, elevated terrain at one end to catch sunlight, and has a crater that has ample water. It should also have enough shadow regions that keep cool in the peak of summer.... Seeing the requirements it looks like a resort only :) :).. But whatever it is, It will be really great to have a manned base on moon.

Sainath said...

hi priyanka.....well the idea of resort is not bad, the word 'honeymoon' may get its actual meaning....:)

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