Open letter to the device who is highly unlikely to respond..

Dear gadget,

This is a letter of grievance where I would like to highlight the different plights I go through on a day to day basis. YOU, are this slim looking, tentacled manifestation spread across my table. You, are the one I stare at admiringly, day in and day out. A window to my outside world! You might be a dummy object, but WE have given you the power to obey us and make my life easy. I, on the other hand, am small in stature (my 3 big monitors make me look like a dwarf). The connection I have with you extends beyond the simple shooting of keys. Or so I thought.

Clearly, you crave for freedom of speech and expression. You throw tantrums although I adorably stroke the mouse (which leads to continuous incessant clicks of frustration finally). I fix you on the left and you go berserk on the right. I dust you up externally and you cry to clean up your internal space. I dump all that is deemed unnecessary(with a heavy heart ofcourse) into that recycle bin and you complain about the network connection! oh, did I miss the fact that you make your point clear by whirring that fan of yours like a maniac?

Alright, I get a different network cable and heave a sigh of relief. I can talk to aliens again, in case they decide to contact me through the internet! At this moment, what do you do? You just shutdown without any warning. I panic due to the loss of 100 tabs I had opened before the grief of losing other work hits me. "Everyone deserves a word of caution!!" At this point I start wondering if I allowed you to have a backup of yourself! (who would not procrastinate a software installation?! heck, I do it till the last second).

In this frenzy, I frantically do a hard reset and reboot (in case, you magically start working and would like to atone your sins!). And what do you do? You present to me scary lines saying things are not looking good. You want to check all the disks and you think I have all the time in the world. In the disdainful pain, I hit all the random keys and something clicks and you shoot me the windows screen. Boy, am I happy to see that?!

I pray to all gods to have everything restored fine. (All gods? You are just going to trust me on that). The beautiful wallpaper appears where the distant mountains seem as calm as ever. I drag my sorry self to restore balance in the universe ( re-do all my unsaved work and try to hit that sweet spot in my memory to remember things).

When I thought nothing more can go wrong, you lifted your ugly head with a popup "100% of your computer problems exist between the keyboard and the chair! "


"Hello.. This is IT services.. What can I help you with today?"


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